What is this site about?

This website is an experiment in public history pedagogy. Our focus is on a contrasting, indeed apparently contradictory, reality in the recent history of Canada. During the thirty years after the end of the Second World War considerable progress was made in addressing both social and economic inequality in Canada. Since the mid-1970s that situation has considerably worsened. Meanwhile, many deeply-rooted aspects of inequality related to gender, race, nationality and sexual orientation have considerably weakened.

It is this historical dynamic of equality and inequality that interests us the most.

This site presently consists of case studies, first takes, resources and two short series created by students of the second year course Visualising the Past. In the case studies, senior undergraduate students at Memorial University of Newfoundland explore in some detail diverse struggles for equality in Canada. First takes are preliminary investigations by students in a first year history course at Memorial. The two short series explore Churchill Park first thematically and then by using the community accounts.  Churchill Park is one of the first modern suburbs in North America and where Memorial University’s main campus is located.

These materials are complemented by reading lists, web links and graphics developed for use in these courses. This site is maintained by Robert Sweeny.

1 Response to What is this site about?

  1. nav says:

    Great critical exploration of race in Canada!

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