Racism in the Justice System

Firstly who is an Aboriginal?. Aboriginals in Canada are the descendents of the people who occupied the country before white people sailed here.  Since contact, Aboriginals have always been looked down upon for everything from their beliefs to how they dress.  This page will show how the Canadian justice system has failed these people on many occasions with their negligent views on cases concerning Aboriginals as well as the obvious and blatant difference between the sentencing of an Aboriginal person and a non-Aboriginal person.

In crimes of violence, meaning assault cases and things of that nature there are more non-Aboriginal people committing these crimes than there are Aboriginals who commit these crimes but because of the government’s racism on average about 50-60% of the non-Aboriginal people who commit these crimes get probation or can post bail whereas an Aboriginal or visible minority committing  the exact same crime is almost guaranteed jail time, on average between 60-70% will serve a term in jail.

In one instance an Aboriginal man was being beaten by two non-Aboriginal men from out of town and another Aboriginal man came to help him. In doing so he injured one of the assailants and forced them to flee, but since he injured one of the attackers he was sent to jail for assault and disturbing the peace and it was ignored that he assisted the Aboriginal man who was being attacked. The non-Aboriginal men in this case had nothing done to them. This is but one example of the racism in the justice system.

Despite the crime rates being higher in certain parts of Canada such as Toronto, Ontario there is still a higher percentage of aboriginal inmates in the Canadian prison system per population.  The prison system in Canada is flooded with a considerably greater number of Aboriginals than non-Aboriginals. For example in Saskatchewan, Aboriginals make up 79% of the total prison population, even though there 800,000 more non-Aboriginals than Aboriginals in the province. This reflects their much higher incarceration rates, that is how frequently people are put in jail.

According to the 2006 census data from Statistics Canada, the incarceration rates for Aboriginal people are increasing in Manitoba was well,. There 71%  of the prison population is Aboriginal, up from 56% in 1996.  So why is this? Why do we have such a racist justice system?

– Bryce Goudreau

Suggested reading:

Douglas E King & John Winterdyk, Diversity, inequality & Canadian Justice.


1 Response to Racism in the Justice System

  1. Penny says:

    Why don’t you ask WHITE people why they think of us the way they do, even those of us out here who have law degrees and master’s degrees from Ivy League universities…their answers will answer your question, as to the WHYS.

    The mere fact that whenever I get stopped by the police for minute little bullshit nonsense trivial reasons, they don’t ever want to believe I have a law degree until they see my name on the lawsuit against them – speaks volumes.

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