Aboriginal Education in Canada

“We want education to provide a setting in which our children can develop the fundamental attitudes and values which have an honored place in Indian tradition and culture. The values which we want to pass onto our children, values which make our people a great race, are not written in any book….We believe that if an Indian child is fully aware of the important Indian values, he will have reason to be proud of our race
and of himself as an Indian.”

-Indian Control of Indian Education (1972)


Prime Minister Stephen Harper discussing his government’s plans to improve Aboriginal education in Canada.

Thank you for visiting this webpage! It was designed in order to give you, the viewer, an understanding of the various issues surrounding Aboriginal education in Canada and the different factors that influence it. This page will give background information on the history of Aboriginal education policies in Canada, examine the current crisis that exists, analyse the federal government’s current polices, and offer alternative solutions to improving the quality of Aboriginal education in the country.

Designed and Written by Dennis Keaveney

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