Inequalities in Arrival Cities: Thorncliffe Park and St. James Town, Toronto

St. James town and Thorncliffe Park map

St. James Town is in the lower left and Thorncliffe Park is in the upper right. Source: Google Maps

Inequality is evident for newly landed immigrants in Canada today and can be seen as far back as 1990. This study explores two areas in Toronto, St. James Town and Thorncliffe Park, both of which are public housing projects that have not been used for their intended populations. Toronto is where  many new immigrants to Canada first settle. St. James Town and Thorncliffe Park have become two of the most densely populated areas in the city. Both are home to a large number of recent immigrants, as well as low income households.

We start with a look at why and when St. James Town and Thorncliffe Park were originally developed, their subsequent histories, and plans for future development. Then we will explore the challenges facing recent immigrants, to better understand the inequalities that exist. Lastly, the census data will be used to support the claims of inequality made by residents of St. James Town and Thorncliffe Park.

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St. James Town Profile
Thorncliffe Park Profile
Challenges of Arrival Cities
Data and Conclusion

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Written By: Brandon Semsch




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