Racism in Canada

Canada has developed into a multicultural nation. It is comprised of a large variety of individuals and groups with diverse cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs. Unfortunately this is a melting pot for tensions of prejudice, discrimination and racism.

Racism the skeleton in our closetCanada was settled by European powers with delusions of grandeur and superiority based on race. This effected the development of a truly united nation of equality. Canada was born of racism, and as a result racism and discrimination can be found in many facets of Canadian government and living.

Problems and issues related to race can be found in the criminal justice system, immigration laws, educational systems and much more. We look to examine some of these concerns and topics.

How has race effected immigration regulations and statistics?

What are some of the problems Canada faces with visible minorities in the criminal justice system?

How is Canada integrating the concepts and practices of restorative justice within the current structure to adhere to aboriginal concerns?

What are some of the lasting effects of the residential school system?

What are the treaty rights of the Mi’kmaq?

These are just some of the questions about race in Canadian society and policy. We invite you to look at how we addressed them through our research.


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