Early Childhood Education

The Inuit have typically raised their children as a community. Child rearing was seen as the responsibility of everyone. Raising the child as a group would help ingrain important Inuit values in the young child. This continues to be important to the Inuit community. It promotes a sense of closeness among people. Children may be born to one or two parents but they have an entire group looking out for their well being.

In the past two decades there has been a dramatic increase in the number of daycares and pre-schools that children attend before kindergarten. Studies have shown that children, who attend institutions before starting grade school, are more likely to develop better social skills and learning skills. Being exposed to information, activities and games early on can only benefit the young child.



Tagataga Inc.. “Inuit Early Childhood Education and Care: Present Successes- Promising Directions: A Discussion Paper for the National Inuit Education Summit.” Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Inuit Tapirit Kanqtami, 2007. (accessed 5 November 2014). ProQuest ebrary.


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