Noteworthy Dates

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1944              St. John’s Housing Corporation created.

1945-1950   Construction of the first planned suburb in Newfoundland and in Canada,
known as Churchill Park

1946             Construction started on Ebsary Estate, a housing development for war widows and their children.

1949             An amendment to the National Housing Act provided a 75% Federal, 25% Provincial cost sharing programme to build public housing.

1951             The public housing built in the Froude/Cashin Avenue area was the first Federal-Provincial low-rental housing development in Canada. Five of the first six Federal-Provincial housing projects were located in St. John’s, three of them were built within the boundaries of the Churchill Park development.

1967            The Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) was created with a mandate to develop land and build housing. The St. John’s HousingCorporation was incorporated into the provincial body.

1969           The Report of the Federal Task Force on Housing and Urban Development declared that “Every Canadian should be entitled to clean warm shelter as a matter of basic human right.”

1973           The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) introduced non-profit and co-op housing programmes, the management and ownership to be the responsibility of the individual developments.

1978           Concerns about an increasing deficit led to the introduction of a new Non-profit programme, which shifted the emphasis from public housingprovided by public sector borrowing to housing developed by private sector borrowing.

1986           Changes to the Non-profit programme transfered the lead role in delivery and administration to the provinces and the territories. The Federal government would provide assistance to very-low income families only.

1996           The federal government withdraws from the administration and delivery of social housing in Canada.

1998           The NLHC announced that it would no longer be involved in residential land development because that could provide competition for the private sector.

2038           The last year for any contribution of federal funding to public housing.

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