Gay: a common synonym for homosexual (most often male).

Heterosexism: privileging heterosexuality as a dominant cultural institution over minority sexualities.

Heterosexual:  a person who chooses sexual partners of the opposite gender.

Homophobia: a fear of homosexuality in which there is contempt and/or hatred for homosexuals.

Homosexual:  a person who chooses sexual partners of the same gender

Lesbian: common synonym for female homosexuals.

Transgendered: a term often applied to masculine lesbians or effeminate men who are androgynous psychologically and/or physically.

LGBT: An initialization of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender which is an encompassing sexuality and gender identity-based groups and is often used to refer to anyone who is not heterosexual.

Queer: a umbrella term encompassing LBGT groups.


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