Canadian’s for Equal Marriage 
This website outlines the campaign comprised of various same-sex marriage activists groups and individuals for equal marriage rights in Canada for same-sex couples. While it has not been recently updated, it provides a chronology of the activist side of the issue. It provides numerous links to debates, laws and newspaper articles prior to the 2005 legalization of same-sex marriage.

Canadian Human Rights Commission
The Canadian Human Rights Commission is an independent body established by Parliament in 1977.  Their website features resources, news and archival information.

Canadian Immigration for Same-Sex Partners  
This organization’s website provides information and resources for the LGBT community on immigration to Canada for same-sex couples. The site also contains basic information on applying for refugee status on grounds of discrimination relating to LGBT lifestyles.

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
Features a searchable database, online research materials, contacts, and links. Archival holdings include records, vertical files, photos, posters and audio.

This website is the official web presence of EGALE, the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Identified Canadian Activist Group. It provides information on the activists activities of the group

Department of Justice Canada 
Canada’s Department of Justice website provides the full text of the Canada’s Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Family Pride Canada 
This website is a project of the University of Western Ontario Research Facility for Gay and Lesbian Studies an the LGBT Parenting Network. While out, it is useful for the historical information regarding the barriers to gay parenting and providing links and legal case studies regarding gay parents prior to 2002.


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