Who are they?

Who are the immigrant women in Canada?

The term “immigrant woman” refers to a woman from another country who has gained legal status in Canada. However, this term is both legal and social. The legal status is delineated in law, however, the social ramifications are a bit different. The common use of the term has become racialized, referring to a woman who cannot speak English well, or a woman who has a low paying job.

Canada’s immigrants come from all over the world, although the clear leader is from Asian and Pacific countries. The top three source countries are China, the Philippines, and India, therefore fulfilling the stereotype associated with the term “immigrant.” More information on specific demographics can be found here.

In 2009, almost 30% of female immigrants had a Bachelor’s Degree, yet they are overrepresented in the service sector in Canada.




Tastsoglou, Evangelia and Baukje Miedema, “Immigrant Women and Community Development in the Canadian Maritimes: Outsiders within?” The Canadian Journal of Sociology 28, 2 (2003), pp. 203-234.


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