Post-Secondary Instutions

There have been two programs created by Nunatsiavut’s Department of Education and Economic Development.

Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP): Provides financial assistance for tuition, textbook costs, travel expenses, living allowances and counselling.

Inuit Pathways: the Nunatsiavut version of the Federal Government’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy. It supports labour market training and business development, trades related training apprenticeships, short-term programs, upgrading, cover tuition, books, travel, and living allowances.

These programs can be competitive and need to be applied for.

In the past two years, MUN has been developing special programs in coordination faculties at MUN with the LIA and Nunatsiavut departments. These programs aim to provide students with culturally necessary experience to enable them to work with Nunatsiavut and give back to their community

The school of social work and the Labrador Inuit Association (LIA) have worked together to create a diploma in social work. Those who graduate from this diploma program are eligible to go onto get bachelor degrees in social work. This specialized program helps with understanding the needs of the Inuit and their practices and cultures. The LIA remained in control of everything involved with the program. But the students would be accredited with a diploma from Memorial University.

a young inuit woman who is a student of the new education program

A student of the new Faculty of Education program


In the 2014 fall semester, the MUN Faculty of Education began a program that would train teachers in Labrador, specifically to teach in Nunatsiavut. The curriculum is much the same as a regular Bachelor of Education; expect there are additional courses that are specifically geared toward teachers who want to teach in Nunatsiavut. The additional courses include Inuktitut language courses and children’s literature in the Inuit context.



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